Serena Wang, Senior Associate

Serena Wang, Senior Associate




Senior Lawyer, Ring Sea Law Firm

Police Department's Pro-Pas.-

Legal Adviser to the General Police Department of changhua County

Corporate Legal Counsel

Labour Mediation Committee of the First Division Court

Executive Supervisor of Professional Trade Union of Planning Managers of Changhua County


Areas of expertise

Business operations, mergers and acquisitions and risk control

Contract Law and General Business Cases

Company law, all kinds of Contracts in Chinese and English

Intellectual Property Law

Various types of civil criminal and administrative proceedings

Protection of the rights and interests of labour and insurance clerks



Lawyer, Ring Sea Law Firm

Head of Legal, Metropolitan Life Development Co., Ltd.

Special assistance from the chairman of Will Life Development Co., Ltd.

Intern Lawyer, Yan'an Law Firm

Senior Consultant, SAP Systems, Tianxi Technology Co., Ltd.

Consultant SAP Systems, Tianxi Technology Co., Ltd.



Master's degree in Science, Technology and Law, Jiaotong University

Bachelor of Science in Lands, University of Political Science



Passing the Bar Examination for Advanced Examinations for Specialized Professional and Technical Personnel

SAP ERP System FI Accounting Module International Certification

SAP BPC Systems Budget and Consolidated Financial Reporting Module International Certification

Former senior consultant of ERP Systems, Hong Kong Citysuper SAP BPC Budget System, Li Changrong SAP BPC Consolidated Financial Statements System, Qimei Electronics SAP BPC Consolidated Financial StatementS System, China Time Group SAP ERP FI Financial Module System and other large project import consultants



Liu Shangzhi, Wang Junkai, Wang Siying, 2010. U.S. Patent Damages Calculation Method, New Study of Smart Property Litigation, 1-45 pp., Smart Property Court, 2010.

Liu Shangzhi, Wang Siying, 2009. U.S. courts in Georgia Pacific 15 factors applicable - in Nashue negotiated the settlement of "reasonable price", 2009 National Science and Technology Law Seminar. 2009.



September 03 2018



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