Serena Wang, Senior Associate

Serena Wang, Senior Associate



Senior Associate



Business ManagementSpecialized in Mergers & AcquisitionsRisk Control

Political Public Relations Placement Strategy

Commercial Contracts

Company ActIntellectual Property

Construction Lawsuit and Land Development Lawsuit

Police and Civil Servant lawsuits

Child and Youth Domestic Violent

Political and Public Benefit Lawsuits

Civil, Criminal and Administrative Lawsuits



Huan-Hai Law Firm, Attorney at Law

Metropolitan Living Development, General Counsel

Metropolitan Living Development, special Assistant to the Chairman

Lexcel Partners, Attorneys at Law, trainee

Holy Joy Technology Inc., senior consultant

Holy Joy Technology Inc., consultant


Educational Background

Master of Law, Institute of Technology Law, NCTU

Bachelor of arts in land Economics, NCCU



National Bar, Republic of China

SAP ERP FI Certified Application Associate

SAP ERP BPC Certified Application Associate



Shang-Jyh Liu, Jun-kai Wang, Szu-yin Wang, 2010,Damage Award of Patent Disputes, Individual studies in new litigation system of Intellectual Property, page1-45, Intellectual Property Court, 2010

Shang-Jyh Liu, Szu-yin Wang, 2009, the application of Georgia Pacific factors in U.S. Court - Nash Bargaining Solution of ”reasonable compensation”, National Science and Technology Law Conference2009


03 September 2018



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