Stark Liao, Managing Partner

Stark Liao, Managing Partner




Executive Supervisor of Global Blockchain Trends Application Association

Legal Counsel, Taoyuan Yangming Hospital

Legal Adviser to the Law Police Association of the Republic of China

General Counsel of the Service Department of Cao Jiahao, Member of the Changhua County Council

Changhua County Councillor Bai Yuru Service Office Legal Adviser

Professional Consultant, Child Protection Group, Children's Hospital of Changhua Christian Children's Hospital

Member of the Committee on the Convention on the Rights of the Child of the Hsinchu County Government

Legal Counsel, Taoyuan Yangming Hospital

Legal Counsel of Nanshan Life Enterprise Union Central District

A part-time lecturer at the University of Asia, teaching civil law, entertainment, intellectual property and law, and civil law case studies

Changhua County Planning Manager Professional Trade Union Chairman  

Labour Mediation Committee of the First Division Court


Areas of expertise

Business operations, mergers and acquisitions and risk control

Political PR layout

Contract Law and General Business Cases

Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law

Construction litigation and land development cases

Police, Civil Service Litigation

Child and young domestic violence protection

Political public interest litigation

Various types of civil criminal and administrative proceedings



Teacher of Civic Science in Fuxing State, Changhua County

Bo-FaFa Co., Ltd. Legal

Junyu Construction Co., Ltd. Legal

Shengchang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Legal

A part-time lecturer at Jianguo University of Science and Technology, professor of intellectual property

Intern Lawyer, Taiwan Sunde Law Firm

Senior Lawyer, Taichung Sunde Law Firm



Bachelor of Laws, Dong Wu University

LL.M. from the Institute of Finance and Law, Fengjia University

Passing the Bar Examination for Advanced Examinations for Specialized Professional and Technical Personnel



September 03 2018



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