Stark Liao, Managing Partner

Stark Liao, Managing Partner



Managing Partner



Business ManagementSpecialized in Mergers & AcquisitionsRisk Control

Political Public Relations Placement Strategy

Commercial Contracts

Company ActIntellectual Property

Construction Lawsuit and Land Development Lawsuit

Police and Civil Servant lawsuits

Child and Youth Domestic Violent

Political and Public Benefit Lawsuits

Civil, Criminal and Administrative Lawsuits



Huan-Hai Law Firm, Managing Partner

Taichung Suntech Law Firm, Attorney at Law

Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Tainan Lawyers Association

Taichung City Police Station Fifth Branch National Compensation Review Committee Processing Committee

Changhua County Police Department National Compensation Event Processing Committee

Legal Counsel of Changhua County Government Police Headquarters

The Legal counsel for domestic violence and sexual Abuse Prevention Centre, County Government, Zhanghua

The Legal counsel, Cao Jiahao Service office, Zhanghua County Councilor

The Legal counsel, White Jade, Zhanghua County Councilor

The professional consultant for Child Protection Group of Zhanghua Christian Children's Hospital

The member for Convention on the Rights of the Child of County Government, Xinzhu

The Legal counsel of Taoyuan YANGMN Hospital

The Legal Counsel of the Republic of China Marshal Association

The Legal Counsel of Nanshan Life Union Center area

The Legal Counsel of Zhanghua Qing Yan Temple

Executive Director of Zhanghua Public Service

The Legal Counsel of Zhanghua County North China Community Development Association

The instructor of Zhanghua County Four Corps general Police special Examination class, teaching the Constitution and Human Rights and administrative law

The Adjunct lecturer at Asia University, teaching Civil Law, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Civil Law Case Studies

Changhua County Fuxing Junior High School Citizen Teacher

Bozhang Development Co., Ltd. Paralegal

Junyu Construction Co., Ltd. Paralegal

Shengchang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Paralegal

Jianguo University, Adjunct Lecturer, teaching Intellectual Property

Taichung Suntech Law Firm, Intern Lawyer

Taichung Suntech Law Firm, Attorney at Law


Educational Background

Master of Law, Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law, FCU (LL.M. 2010)

School of Law, SCU (LL.B. 2007)



National Bar, Republic of China



03 September 2018



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HUAN HAI professionals excel at various legal fields and place a high value on information systems, providing comprehensive planning and services to help our customers improve their global competitiveness.

We are professional, efficient, energetic and dedicated. We expect our colleagues to invest no less than 80 hours a year in public welfare activities, including but not limited to education, community services, and pro bono cases.


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