Legal Professionals

Overall Evaluation, Best Solution

Litigation Support

Civil and criminal litigation, labor law, administrative litigation, intellectual property litigation, compulsory execution procedure, etc.

Business Contracts

Contracts for sale, leaseback, production, engineering, mergers and acquisitions, investment, joint loans, confidentiality, non-compete clause, licensing agreements, etc.

Negotiation Strategy

We offer an amicable solution that is timely and cost-efficient and achieve win-win outcome.

Intellectual Property

Developing an international IP portfolio that considers competitors, customers, and courts to provide companies strategically leverage and enforce IPR on a global scale. 

Global Service

Our areas of expertise and services include legal advice globally, business contracts, litigations, and negotiations.

Customized Design

We handle each application with integrity, confidentiality, and dedication to our high client service standards. 

Real-Time Reply

We offer various channels (such as Line, etc.) to reduce the sense of distance between clients and lawyers

Long-term Relationship

We think of clients as more than just “clients”. We pay attention to our customers' services, efficiency, preferences, issues and concerns .

About Us

HUAN HAI professionals excel at various legal fields and place a high value on information systems, providing comprehensive planning and services to help our customers improve their global competitiveness.

We are professional, efficient, energetic and dedicated. We expect our colleagues to invest no less than 80 hours a year in public welfare activities, including but not limited to education, community services, and pro bono cases.


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